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Silberregen Wellenarmband 925 Sterling Silber und Opal gefasst Armband

Individuality, exclusivity and quality

Silver rain, trends of a new generation. With us you will find the latest trends in jewelery that underline your individuality and beauty. Exclusivity through handmade bracelets, which are artistically manufactured and designed in ever new creations. The quality is particularly important, we only use tested 925 sterling silver, stainless steel and our gemstones come from different parts of the world, where they are processed and polished, made for each piece of jewelry.

Silver Rain Jewellery




Wellenring Wavering Silberregen Schmuck Jewellery Welle Silber

wave ring

Classic made of 925 sterling silver

Labradorite Halskette gefasst in 925 Sterling Silber

Labradorite Necklace

Labradorite - stone of imagination and creativity

Geometrie Armband von Silberregen Jewellery Gold mit Bandfarbe Hell Grün

lotus bracelet

Lotus bracelet made of high quality 925 sterling silver with 24 carat gold plating embodies love, perfection and enlightenment.

Exclusive Collection

The Unity Dance School jewelry by Silberregen
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Symbol Rings, Gemstone Rings, Minimalist Rings - Discover your ring at Silberregen

With us you will find symbol rings such as the popular wave ring, as well as our minimalist basic ring bestseller and also cut gemstone rings such as the star ring 18 carat rose gold set with cubic zirconia crystals.

Each ring has its own energy and style that underlines your very special style.

Visit our ring shop and be inspired by the unique silver rain designs.


Ring Schmuck mit kubischen Zirkonia Kristallen gefasst
Silberregen Schmuck Werkstatt
silver rain

Handmade jewelry

With selected gemstones and 925 sterling silver pendants, pieces of jewelery are lovingly handcrafted.