materials and care

of silver rain jewelry

Material of silver rain jewelry

The main metals of Silberregen Jewelery are only high-quality 925 sterling silver and stainless steel, as these materials are durable and robust. Due to the special properties of 925 sterling silver, the most complex and magnificent jewelry designs can be created in jewelry making.

Fine silver jewelry contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals because pure silver is too soft and malleable. As a result, we use 925 sterling silver to make our unique pieces of jewelry less sensitive to external influences. A silver hallmark with the numbers 925 provides information about the authenticity of the jewelery and the silver grade of the item, proving that it is real silver. Another benefit of many of our jewelry is that they are rhodium plated, which protects the silver from tarnishing (blackening) and makes it harder than non-rhodium plated silver. The different gold plating of silver jewelery with classic yellow gold or modern rose gold means that every piece of jewelery shines and can be combined in even more versatile ways.


Cleaning and care of silver jewelry

Here are a few tips for caring for and cleaning your jewelry so that your silver jewelry stays beautiful and shiny for a long time. Avoid using your jewelry in salt or chlorinated water as this can shorten the life of the jewelry. In contrast to salt and chlorinated water, contact with pure water is not a problem.

Like any silver alloy, the surface of silver jewelry tends to tarnish and oxidize if left unused for a long period of time. This chemical reaction due to external environmental influences is normal and does not indicate poor quality. Important note: Silver jewelery with additional coatings such as gold plating and rhodium plating will not discolour. This additional coating protects the silver alloy from oxidation and makes it harder.

In order to counteract the tarnishing and discoloration of your silver jewelry, you can wear it every day, which means that the silver practically polishes itself through regular friction on clothing and skin and the oxidation processes are prevented.

Another possibility against discoloration and oxidation are silver cleaning cloths and silver dipping baths from the drugstore. With the simple use of silver cleaning cloths, the undesired black discoloration can be removed by gently polishing the surface. Avoid polishing silver with gold or rhodium plating, otherwise the plating can be worn away due to friction.


General information


Protect yourself from counterfeit 925 silver jewelry or deceptively similar products. Oftentimes, jewelry is sold as real silver that is only plated on the surface with a layer of silver and the rest is brass or a nickel alloy.

There are two simple indicators to recognize that it is genuine 925 sterling silver.

The silver hallmark is printed with the numbers 925 and is a mark that the piece of jewelery contains 92.5% pure silver. Before buying silver jewelry, check if there is a mark on it. You might need a magnifying glass for this.

The second option is to do a magnet test.

Pure silver is not magnetic. Hold a regular magnet over or near the silver jewelry to test for authenticity. If your piece of jewelry is attracted to the magnet, it is not real 925 sterling silver. It is very likely that the percentage compositions of the alloy are different.